Sunday 17.11.

At 12:00 p.m.  Ei milloinkaan! (Never!)

Poetry performance by Turun lausuntakerho ry. At the church of Turku’s Castle, the theme is Horror Poetry.

Dramaturgy and director: Maaret Perälä
Music: Martti Lappi
Recitation by: Maaret Perälä, Oili Kouvo, Pipsa Ahlqvist, Reijo Virtanen and Timo Leinonen.
Free entry. Program 7 €. Organized by Turun lausuntakerho ry.
At Turku Castle Church, Linnankatu 80

Klo 14.00   Miten runosta tuli meille elävä? (How does Poetry become alive to us?)

Lecturer Kaija Tuominen lifework’s memory evening.
The students of Kaija Tuominen, a lecturer in speech at the University of Turku, remember her and perform in spirit Kaija’s methods
With them, Poets and teachers who have all been able to use her advice from her teacher in their work.
Music by Kalle Kivelä and Arja Tuovinen
Organised by Turku City Library
At Turku’s Main Library, Studio, Linnankatu 2


<<Saturday 16.11.

<<Poetry & Work festival’s program 2019

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