Varsinais-Suomen Runoviikko
Varsinais-Suomen Runoviikko
Varsinais-Suomen Runoviikko


The Poetry Week Association is committed to creating and maintaining safer spaces. This means that there will be no tolerance for racism or any other form of discrimination, harassment or bullying. If you yourself face or you see someone else facing any of these things, we encourage you to tell about it to either the harassment contact person anytime during the event.

Safer space guidelines are a strategy of creating, with the shared effort of every participant, a collective space where everyone can feel at home: safe, welcome and equal to others. In a safer space, we try our best not to make assumptions about each others’ genders, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations, social classes or other similar attributes. Let’s respect each others’ boundaries, rights to self-identify and rights for physical integrity. Let’s give space for other people and their experiences and points of view. Let’s not express discriminating or oppressive views in the name of “art” or “freedom of speech”. If we are told that we, regardless of our intentions, have discriminated or harassed someone, let’s listen, apologize and change our behavior.

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