Saturday 9.11.

From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m  Aktiivisuusehtoklubi

Sanna Karlström, Ilkka Tahvanainen (Poetry-Kaarina -winner 2019)

PESÄ: an hour with Asennekustantamo 

“Pesä publishing home” is a small publishing company founded in 2018 that publishes and hypes over feminist awareness until the world is ready. But what does this mean in practice? Why is it important to create feminist spaces for writers? How do I create them? During the event, Pesä publishing home’s another co-founder, poet Nelli Ruotsalainen, will talk with artist-poet Miska Karhu about feminist spaces and practices. During the event, the poems of Nell and Miska and their relevant hypes will be also heard.”

Organized by Runoviikko ry in cooperation with Kaarina Cultural and Library Service. At Bar Ö, Linnankatu 7.

At 6:00 p.m. Blues Ones Askaisten Ritarituvalla

Blues versions of Markku Inno’s Poetry will be performed by Blues Ones-line-up: Timo Saarinen, Esa Salminen, Hannu Hiltula and Kimmo Lilja.
Poems interpreted by Valtteri Roiha.
Organized by Masku’s Culture and Library service.
At Askaisten Knight House, Askaistentie 751, ASKAINEN.

At 6:15 p.m.  Runobussi (Poetry bus)

Free transport to Barker Theater for the event “Kolmivuoroklubi”.
The poet Tapani Kinnunen will perform along the way.
Departure stop is at Linnankatu 16 (in front of the National Bookstore “Kansallisen kirjakaupan”). Be on time!

Klo 19-24   Kolmivuoroklubi

Orbita (LV), Andy Willoughby(UK)  &  Masi Hukari, Freij Haar (SWE), Mattias Hammarsröm (SWE), Mari Laaksonen & Gravity Bomb, Kaija Rantakari, Nihkee Akka.
Organized by Runoviikko and Latvian Literature.
Barker-teatteri, Raunistulantie 25 H.


Orbita – Semjons Haņins, Artūrs Punte, Vladimirs Svetlovs ja Sergejs Timofejevs

Orbita – Semyons Khans, Arturs Punte, Vladimir Svetlov and Sergey Timofeyev – is a group of Latvian-speaking Russian poets who combine poetry, visual art, technology, sound, music and performance in their performances.

Orbita – Semjons Haņins, Artūrs Punte, Vladimirs Svetlovs ja Sergejs TimofejevsOrbita – Semjons Haņins, Artūrs Punte, Vladimirs Svetlovs ja Sergejs Timofejevs


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