Friday 8.11

From 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Poetry week opening

Kai Nieminen, Reetta Pekkanen, Andy Willoughby (UK).
Turku’s Main Library 2nd floor (tieto-osasto), Linnankatu 2.2.

From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Time to celebrate! The best Finnish poetry magazine “Tuli & Savu” 25 years from 1994 to 2019

Tapani Kinnunen: “En kuole kokonaan” (I will not die totally) – tribute to “Tuli & Savu” magazine’s early editor Ilkka Koposelle (1973-1998).
Nihil Interit poetry awards to winners of year 2019: 
Anni Mäentie and Pelle Romantika.
Guests from Sweden and poetry slam masters: Frej Haar & Mattias Hammarström.
Event’s host: Susinukke Kosola.
More information in programa’s updates in Facebook.
Free entrance!
Organizers: Nihil Interit & Runoviikko.
At Bar Kuka, Linnankatu 17.

Andy Willoughby

Andy Willoughby is a northern English post beat poet who has also been part of the Turku poetry scene co-organising regular exchanges, visits and collaborations since 2000. His latest work Between Stations ( Smokestack 2016) will be published in Finnish by Enostone in 2020. He has also co translated and published work by many poets from Finland including Tapani Kinnunen, Riina Katajavuori and Jenni Haukio.

Frej Haar

Frej Haar is a Danish-Swedish spoken word-poet with roots in heritage studies. On stage, Frej delves into themes of remembering, politics, the environment, history, urban development, Flatland, gender and sexuality, among others. They hold the title of the Swedish and European Champion of Poetry Slam 2017. Sometimes described as a wavering natural disaster, Frej's commentary on society mixes irony with vulnerable sincerity, leaving few behind. 



Mattias Hammarström

Mattias Hammarström is Swedish Poetry Slam Champion 2018.

"About myself: Mattias once asked The Void: "Can I truly be happy?"

The Void replied: "Does a mole have eyes? Or an ostrich wings? Or Donald Trump a Twitter account?"

And that's basically why he needs to write poetry."


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