Other poetry events


TkuÖpenMic-Spring gala: Minna Canth Day’s   poetry salon! Minnas dags poesisalong! From 6.00 pm Online

Welcome to Turun lavatauti’s TkuÖpenMic-Spring Gala; Minna Canth Day’s poetry salon! This live stream event is bilingual, Finnish & Swedish. The gala will be livestreamed on Minna Canth’s Day 19th March from 6.00  to 9.00 pm.
Six invited poets will perform live. 

Invited poets are;

The event broadcast can be followed via Kirjan talo Youtube channel. The link to the broadcast will be updated closer to the event!

In addition to Canth’s day, will celebrate also that Turku lavatauti & TkuÖpenMic fullfills five years old!
The evening will be hosted by Kalle Talonen, known from TÖM clubs, and Rosanna Fellman, known from Poetry Pubs.

As always in TkuÖpenMic events, we will have a virtual Open mic also after the pre-poets! Follow the event and the Turku lavatauti channel.



3.10  Poetry club “Runokimara” from 7.00 p.m   at Bar Ö

10 Poets + Open mic

The ghost of the lost Book Fair lives on!

The Book Fair moved the date, but the Fair’s poetry club remains!              Poetry Club “Runokimara” on Saturday from 7.00 p.m at Bar Ö

Performers (not final order):
Gunnar Högnäs
Nzar Kwestani
Sadik Lazim
Aulis U. Lehtinen
Tuula Sandström
Eeva Siivonen
Eija Tammisto
Katariina Vuorinen
Ahmed Zaidan
+ open mic.

The registration to the Open mic is on site.
Free entry. Remember safety distances and other protection!
The event is organized by Poetry Week Association (Runoviikko ry. )



10.9 Poetry Slam-Turku’s competition, Bar Ö     Klo 19.00-22.00

Poetry Slam and Finnish Championship! Do you dream of representing Turku and Southwest Finland in national Poetry Slam competitions? If you answered yes, join the competiton in your area, at Bar Ö 10.9. from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm!
What is Poetry Slam?
Poetry Slam is a poetry competition that originated in the 80s in the United States. It has three minutes to present its own poem. In Finland, competitions have been organized since 2000. In each round, only a part of the poets can advance.
The competition can accommodate 15 first-registered participants. If you are hesitant to participate in the competition, feel free to email Hanna (Hanna Rentola) firstname.lastname@gmail.com. The winner of the Turku’s competition will compete in the Finnish Championship final, which will be held on 28 November 2020 in Jyväskylä. And that’s not all! The winner will also be able to perform at the Poetry Week festival!
Poetry Slam Rules:
1. The poet registers in advance with the organizer or on the site half an hour before the start, if there are still places left.
2. The poet presents only his own poems.
3. In accordance with the international Poetry slam rules, the duration of the performance is limited to three minutes. Time counting begins with the poet’s first word. The end of the time will be announced and the time will be judged as reasonable by the jury.
4. In addition to the microphone and text paper, the use of other props or music is not permitted.
5. In the first round, the order in which the poets appear is drawn.
6. The competition jury consists of five members of the public. The five audience members of the jury will be selected by the organizer from among the volunteers, impartial and discerning citizens before the start of the competition.
7. The audience jury divides the score on a scale of 1.0‒10.0 so that 10 is the best. The top and bottom judgments are omitted and the scores of the middle three are added together. In tie points, the competition’s presenter chooses the lead.
8. Half of the poets, the first to perform with the least points, will advance to the second round. In the second and third rounds, points from previous rounds are not included.
9. In the third round of the competition, three competitors will perform, the winner will be chosen by the same jury.
Registrations and other questions also to Hanna.


13.8 TkuÖpenMic from 7.00 pm at Bar Ö

In the “Night of the Arts”, Thursday 13.8. from 7.00 pm, firstly, there will be the performance of two poets, this time from the Helsinki-Espoo axis: Hanna Rentola and Juha Rautio!

As in previous “Night of the Arts” poetry clubs, there is also a band that accompanies poets when needed. This year, the band shrouded in mysticism is a trio Faabelin palikat!

In any case, MIC IS OPEN AGAIN and anyone interested can register for the open mic section at the site, with host Kalle Talonen!
And the band can be asked to play with a gentle mite or an angst cheek. The rules are:


1. Bring your own poem or whatever and perform it on stage in whatever language you desire
2. 5 min max time for each performer

And since that coronavirus hasn’t disappeared anywhere yet, remember to keep a safe distance from others and take care of using your hands. If there are any symptoms of pain, stay home. Thanks in advance for a considerate behavior!

Behind TkuÖpenMic event is Turun lavatauti. Behind Turun lavatauti are Nihil Interit, Kirjan Talo and Runoviikko.



8.7 at 6 p.m Post-Corona, poetry film, at Kino Diana

Poetry invades the screen.

Welcome to the world premiere of the Post- Corona film event on Wed 8.7. at 6 p.m. Public access to the premiere is free. The doors will open at 5.30 p.m. Please, arrive in time to secure your place at the premiere!

Turku’s poetry film captures the performances of 12 poets during Corona’s spring time. A cinematic work has been compiled from these performances, in which the individual poetic performances are intertwined into a whole, enriched and colorful. The work reaches out to a world where there is again room to dream and think differently.

The Post-Corona poetry film includes Turku-based poets Susinukke Kosola, Hanna Storm, Jouni Teittinen, Mia Rönkä, Tapani Kinnunen, Juha Kulmala, Virpi Vairinen, Sampo Sihvola, Ahmed Zaidan, Mika Kivelä, Kalle Talonen & Nenä and Esa Hirvonen. The poetry recordings have been produced in collaboration with video production Brave Teddy and the light art association Åbo Lit.

The poets’ performances can be seen after the premiere as their own ensembles through Turun lavatauti. The poets’ performances will appear also on Kirjan Talo, Runoviikko and Nihil Interit’s Youtube channels.

Before the premiere, Kirjan talo – Bokens hus and Runoviikko will give an informative speech at 5.45 pm about their upcoming poetry projects Turun Runokarta and Runon Turun valloitus, to which the public has free access.

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3, 20100 Turku


6.7. Go Runo Go! – from 5.30 pm at Bar Ö and via stream

Welcome to spend a summer poetry evening with us!
We will fill Bar Ö with poetry and summer breeze on 6.7 from 5.30 pm.
For first time the event will be held this year in exceptional circumstances at Bar Ö. You can follow the poetry event on site and also through stream. Admission to the event is free, and you can follow the stream via the Turun Lavatauti channels.

The event is named after the text of the poet Markku Inno, and the purpose is both to preserve Inno’s memory and to bring a new performing poetry to Turku’s summer.



The event is organized by Turku Lavatauti (Turku’s word art super collective), which is influenced by Kirjan talo – Bokens hus, Runoviikko ry and Nihil Interit in cooperation with Turku City Library.