Do you want to perform at the Poetry Week?

If you are interested in performing at Poetry Week, please contact us here or directly to anyone mentioned here

For individual poets, we pay everyone an equal annual performance fee. Any other expenses and needs (travel, accommodation, technology) must be agreed well in advance.

Broader performances or Group Performances: ALWAYS include in your offer a presentation of yourself and your performance, as well as a budget showing how much your presentation, including all expenses, should cost to Runoviikko association and how those costs are distributed (fees – pay or invoice, travel, and space requirements, etc.) as well as your own and any other funding. This is absolutely essential as there are plenty of presentations and suggestions so that the vaguely drafted ones will left at the bottom of the stack at first reading!

The November lineup is really starting to be assembled in mid-August, so it is a good idea to submit your performance suggestions, by July at the latest. The sooner the better.

With bigger productions, it’s a good idea to be on the move a year in advance so that we can anticipate any major expense needs in the budget planning for the previous autumn.

If you are self-organising your own program during the Poetry Week and want to get included in Poetry Weekly newsletter and other news, contact us by mid-August at the latest to avoid duplication in the spring!

 Poetry Week has an annual changing theme, which is also worth considering. Of course, we are flexible and open-minded about different approaches and perspectives.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about appearances and will try to help you make arrangements to the best of our ability!

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