Poetry Week Festival 2022
4.11.2022 – 13.11.2022

Since 2001, the Poetry Week festival has created joy for its visitors on dark autumn evenings. Most of our events are in Turku, but individual events are held during the festival along Southwest Finland. Our performances are diverse, of a high standard and international: we strive to ensure that the festival covers as well as possible what is going on in poetry at any given time.

You can find us on Instagram under the nickname @runoviikkoturku and we are also represented on Facebook. Follow us and you will stay on the map of what is happening in Turku in the field of poetry! Please also follow our website, as we will be publishing the festival program here in the early fall.

The people of the Poetry Week Association warmly welcome you to high-quality poetry.

Runoviikko ry

Runoviikko ry was founded in 2003 and our main work is to organize the Runoviikko festival in November. In addition to the festival, we also organize other poetry events throughout the year with our partners, and we maintain the Runokartta website (poetry map). Other events include the monthly open mic club TkuÖpenMic in Bar Ö and the annual Go Runo Go in memory of poet Markku Inno.


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