Poetry Week Association

The Poetry Week Festival and other poetry events are organized by the Poetry Week Association, founded in 2003 in Turku.

Association Board 2021:

Juha Kulmala, chairman
Hanna Rentola, vice-chairwoman
Eeva Siivonen, secretary
Board members:
Zoila Forss
Ainhoa González
Daniil Kozlov
Elina Laine
Sampo Sihvola

Substitutes members:
Petri Tähtinen
Jani Virta
Andy Willoughby (UK)





Anyone who is enthusiastic about poetry and interested in organizing poetry events can join the Poetry Week Association. There is no membership fee. You can apply for membership by filling out the form below or by sending an email to runoviikko.ry@gmail.com. The members are approved by the board of the association.