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Poetry Week Association’s members “spring meeting” on June 17, 2020

The statutory meeting of the Poetry Week Association will be held on Wednesday 17 June from 5 pm at the Book House (Kirjan talo), Linnankatu 24, Turku.

An invitation to the meeting has already been sent to the members of the association in week 23.

The meeting agenda includes matters required by the rules, but after the meeting, one can discuss about the November Poetry & Language Festival and other events and activities next autumn and next year. Anyone interested in poetry events and poetry related activities is welcome to attend, but only members have the right to vote at the meeting. Program proposals for next fall can also still be submitted by email

Attention! Effect of coronavirus situation on events:


The arrangements for the Poetry Week festival have so far progressed according to the normal schedule, and the event will take place as planned in November, unless the corona epidemic and the resulting restrictions in the fall require otherwise. Exceptional circumstances may, of course, give rise to some special arrangements. The situation will be assessed in September before the program is published.

We will monitor the situation and follow the instructions and restrictions of the authorities. Events are always organized in such a way that the public, performers and staff can safely attend or are canceled if the situation so requires.

You should follow our information on this page and our Facebook page 

This applies to the November Poetry Week Festival and other events we organize ourselves or with our partners. Information on TkuÖpenMic clubs can also be found on the Turun lavatauti Facebook page


Take care of yourself and each other!